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I’m thinkin’ it must have been the parties I DJ’ed at home when I was a teenager and the parents were away for the weekend that got me interested in radio. Mind you, with all the mess I had to clean up the next morning, I could’ve been an awesome housekeeper. Next stop for me was Club DJ in the 80’s. From there I made the move to radio in the early 90’s. I was on-air by night and university student by day. Before I knew it, I was stay-at-home dad to our boy and girl…those house-cleaning skills I spoke of? Yeah, they came in handy!

Today, when I’m not on the air, I’m in the high school classroom, teaching part-time. Most importantly though, I’m skiing, camping, hitting the town or just couching-it by the fire with my wife of 28 years and our now twenty-something kids, whenever we’re able to co-ordinate our busy schedules!

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February 23 2019 , 2:03:00 • Lac La Biche